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“B” se word Meaning: Do you want to learn more words and speak better? This blog post is for you, whether you are a student, a language lover, or just someone who wants to improve their talking and writing skills. We have made a big list of English words that start with the letter ‘B,(B se word meaning) and we will give their Hindi meanings. 

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B se word Meaning

Breathe – सांस लेना (saans lenaa)
Bracelet – कंगन (kangan)
Branch – शाखा (shaakhaa)
Branded – ब्रांडेड (branded)
Brave – बहादुर (bahaadur)
Bride – दुल्हन (dullhan)
Bright – चमकदार (chamakdaar)
Bring – लाना (laanaa)
Broad – चौड़ा (choraa)
Broom – झाड़ू (jhaaru)
Build – बनाना (banaanaa)
Burden – बोझ (boj(h))
Burst – फटना (phatnaa)
Business – व्यवसाय (vyavsaaay)
Buy – खरीदना (khariidnaa)
Backyard – घर का पिछवाड़ा (ghar ka pichhwaaraa)
Balance – संतुलन (santulan)
Ban – प्रतिबंध (pratihbandh)
Barrier – अवरोध (avrodh)
Beak – चोंच (chonch)
Bear – भालू (bhaaluu)
Beast – जानवर (jaanwar)
Become – बनना (bannaa)
Befitting – उपयुक्त (upayukt)
Before – पहले (pahle)
Began – शुरू हुआ (shuruu huaa)
Beggar – भिखारी (bhikaari)
Belief – विश्वास (vishwas)
Belong – संबंधित होना (sambandhit honaa)
Below – नीचे (neeche)
Benefit – लाभ (laabh)
Beside – बगल में (bagal mein)
Betrayal – विश्वासघात (vishwasghaat)
Bidding – बोली लगाना (boli lagaanaa)
Biography – जीवनी (jeewani)
Bit – थोड़ा (thodaa)
Bite – काटना (kaatnaa)
Blame – दोष देना (dosh denaa)
Blessing – आशीर्वाद (aashirwad)
Blind – अंधा (andha)
Block – ब्लॉक (blaak)
Blossom – खिलना (khilnaa)
Blow – उड़ाना (udanaa)
Boring – उबाऊ (ubaaoo)
Borrow – उधार लेना (udhaar lenaa)
Bother – परेशान करना (pareshaan karna)
Bottom – नीचे (neeche)
Bounce – उछलना (uchhalnaa)
Bound – बंधा हुआ (bandhaa hu-aa)
Bow – झुकना (jhuk-naa)
Brain – दिमाग (dimaagh)


B se word Meaning
B se word Meaning

Test your English

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'Bother' का हिन्दी अर्थ क्या होता है?

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Yesterday, she ___________ to the store to buy some groceries.

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'Blessing' का हिन्दी अर्थ क्या होता है?

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'बहादुर' को अंग्रेजी मे क्या कहते है?

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Please pass me the book that is ___________ the shelf.

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B se word Meaning: Reading this list of words that start with “B” and learning their Hindi meanings will help you improve your vocabulary. These words are not just tools for speaking and writing; they can help you communicate in a deeper, more expressive, and more detailed way. So join us on this journey of learning and start using these words in your daily conversations. Whether you are writing, speaking, or simply trying to understand the world better, these words will help you express yourself more clearly and accurately. Don’t forget to share this post. Thank you

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