E se Word Meaning

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We’ve curated a comprehensive list of English words that start with the letter “E” and their respective Hindi translations. This valuable resource is tailored to help you learn new words and enhance your fluency in the English language. Whether you’re a student, a language enthusiast, or someone looking to expand your linguistic horizons, these “E” words and their meanings will prove to be a valuable addition to your language skills.

List of E se Word Meaning

  1. Ecstasy – उत्साह (Utsah)
  2. Embarrassment – शर्मिंदगी (Sharmindgi)
  3. Eclipse – ग्रहण (Grahan)
  4. Effective – प्रभावशाली (Prabhavshali)
  5. Elated – उत्साहित (Utsahit)
  6. Edge – किनारा (Kinara)
  7. Ease – आसानी (Aasani)
  8. Empire – साम्राज्य (Saamraajya)
  9. Educated – शिक्षित (Shikshit)
  10. Elusive – दुर्लभ (Durlabh)
  11. Enable – सक्षम बनाना (Saksham Banana)
  12. Eager – उत्सुक (Utsuk)
  13. Employment – रोज़गार (Rozgaar)
  14. Elder – बड़ा (Bada)
  15. Earn – कमाना (Kamaana)
  16. Elect – चुनना (Chunna)
  17. Effort – प्रयास (Prayas)
  18. Echo – प्रतिध्वनि (Pratidhwani)
  19. Embrace – गले लगाना (Gale Lagana)
  20. Elevate – उच्च करना (Uchch Karna)
  21. Enthusiasm – उत्साह (Utsah)
  22. Endeavor – प्रयास (Prayas)
  23. Enormous – विशाल (Vishaal)
  24. Equator – भूमध्यरेखा (Bhoomadhyarekha)
  25. Evidence – सबूत (Saboot)
  26. Enterprise – उद्यम (Udyam)
  27. Essential – महत्वपूर्ण (Mahatvapurn)
  28. Enemies – दुश्मन (Dushman)
  29. Evade – टालना (Taalna)
  30. Entirely – पूरी तरह (Puri Tarah)

English to Hindi word meaning starts with Letter E

Epidemic – महामारी (Mahaamari)
Energetic – ऊर्जाशाली (Urjashali)
Epoch – काल (Kaala)
Examine – जांचना (Jaanchna)
Excellent – उत्कृष्ट (Utkrisht)
Encouragement – प्रोत्साहन (Protsahan)
Enough – पर्याप्त (Paryapt)
Etiquette – शिष्टाचार (Shishtachar)
Engulf – निगलना (Nigalna)
Exactly – बिल्कुल सही (Bilkul Sahi)
Eye-witness – साक्षात्कारी (Saakshatkaari)
Expensive – महंगा (Mahanga)
Exceptional – असाधारण (Asadharan)
Exhausted – थका हुआ (Thaka Hua)
Existence – अस्तित्व (Astitva)
Experienced – अनुभवी (Anubhavi)
Exchange – विनिमय (Vinimay)
Exploration – अन्वेषण (Anveshan)
Exile – निर्वासन (Nirvaasan)
Expect – उम्मीद (Ummeed)
Exciting – रोमांचक (Romanchak)
Each – प्रत्येक (Pratyek)
Early – पहले (Pehle)
Excommunication – बाह्यद्वेष (Baahyadvesh)
Express – व्यक्त (Vyakt)
Exploitation – शोषण (Shoshan)
Expose – प्रकट करना (Prakat Karna)
Extremely – अत्यंत (Atyant)
Earn – कमाना (Kamaana)
Exclaim – चिल्लाना (Chillaana)

Letter E se shuru hone wale word meaning

Encounter – मुकाबला (Mukaabla)
Elementary – प्राथमिक (Praathmik)
Eliminate – हटाना (Hataana)
Elastic – लचीला (Lacheela)
Employment – रोजगार (Rojgaar)
Empty – खाली (Khali)
Eligible – पात्र (Paatr)
Efficient – कुशल (Kushal)
Environment – पर्यावरण (Paryavaran)
Encouragement – प्रोत्साहन (Protsahan)
Eject – निकालना (Nikaalna)
Energy – ऊर्जा (Urja)
Entrance – प्रवेश (Pravesh)
End – अंत (Ant)
Enemy – दुश्मन (Dushman)
Entertain – मनोरंजन करना (Manoranjan Karna)
Embark – शुरू करना (Shuroo Karna)
Entrepreneur – उद्यमी (Udyami)
Enterpreneur – No specific meaning; “Entrepreneur” in Hindi is “उद्यमिता” (Udyamita)
Envelope – लिफाफा (Lifafa)
Equal – समान (Samaan)
Exception – अपवाद (Apavaad)
Era – युग (Yug)
Essential – आवश्यक (Aavashyak)
Ethic – नैतिकता (Naitikta)
Estimate – अनुमान (Anumaan)
Evident – स्पष्ट (Spasht)
Evolution – विकास (Vikas)
Explanation – व्याख्या (Vyaakhya)
Executive – कार्यकारी (Kaaryakaari)
Experiment – प्रयोग (Prayog)
Exist – मौजूद है (Maujood Hai)
Explosion – विस्फोट (Visphot)
Envy – ईर्ष्या (Irshya)
Essence – रस (Ras)
Expansion – विस्तार (Vistaar)
Expiry – समय सीमा (Samay Seema)
Evaporate – वाष्पीकरण (Vaaspeekaran)
Exclusive – विशेष (Vishesh)
Extinguish – बुझाना (Bujhaana)


E se Word Meaning
E se Word Meaning

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In conclusion, we hope this resource has been instrumental in your quest to expand your vocabulary with “E se word meaning.” Learning a new language, or even strengthening your grasp of an existing one, is a journey filled with excitement and discovery. Through this curated list of English words beginning with the letter “E” and their corresponding Hindi translations, you’ve taken a significant step towards enhancing your language skills.

Remember, language is a powerful tool that connects us with people, cultures, and ideas from around the world. By continually adding new words to your vocabulary, you’re not just mastering a language; you’re opening doors to new opportunities and perspectives.

So, whether you’re a student, a language enthusiast, or someone seeking to improve your language proficiency, keep exploring, keep learning, and keep using “E se word meaning” to broaden your linguistic horizons. The world of words is vast, and your journey is just beginning. Happy learning!

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