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We’ve gathered “50 Word meaning English to Hindi” and translated them into Hindi. We also provide meanings and example sentences to show how to use them. Whether you’re a language lover or just want to connect these two languages, our resource is perfect for you. We make it simple and enjoyable for you to learn new words. So, come along and explore this world of words with us!

50 Word meaning English to Hindi

  1. Abundance – प्रचुरता (Prachurta)
  2. Consequence – परिणाम (Parinam)
  3. Endeavor – प्रयास (Prayash)
  4. Perseverance – सहिष्णुता (Sahishnuta)
  5. Resilience – प्रतिरोधशीलता (Pratirodhshilata)
  6. Tenacity – दृढ़ता (Drḍhatā)
  7. Eloquent – प्रवक्ता (Pravakta)
  8. Conscientious – ईमानदार (Imandar)
  9. Prerequisite – आवश्यक शर्त (Aavashyak Shart)
  10. Diligence – मेहनत (Mehnat)
  11. Resilient – प्रतिरोधी (Pratirodhi)
  12. Integrity – ईमानदारी (Imandari)
  13. Adversity – मुसीबत (Musibat)
  14. Fortitude – धैर्य (Dhairya)
  15. Punctuality – समयनिष्ठता (Samaynishthata)
  16. Benevolent – दयालु (Dayalu)
  17. Composure – स्थिरता (Sthirata)
  18. Empathy – सहानुभूति (Sahanubhuti)
  19. Versatile – बहुमुखी (Bahumukhi)
  20. Persistence – दृढ़व्रत्ति (Drḍhavratti)
  21. Procrastination – टालमटोल (Taalmatol)
  22. Empowerment – सशक्तिकरण (Sashaktikaran)
  23. Authentic – मूल (Mool)
  24. Resurgence – पुनर्जीवन (Punarjeevan)
  25. Accountability – जवाबदेही (Jawabdehi)
  26. Pragmatic – व्यावसायिक (Vyaavasaayik)
  27. Compassion – करुणा (Karuna)
  28. Diverse – विविध (Vividh)
  29. Adaptable – अनुकूलनशील (Anukoolansheel)
  30. Innovation – नवाचार (Navaachar)
  31. Ambiguous – अस्पष्ट (Aspashth)
  32. Inevitable – अपरिहार्य (Apariharya)
  33. Meticulous – सूक्ष्म (Sookshm)
  34. Euphoria – आनंदोत्सव (Anandotsav)
  35. Adulation – खुशामद (Khushamad)
  36. Rejuvenate – ताजगी प्राप्त करना (Tajgi Prapt Karna)
  37. Prudent – विवेकी (Viveki)
  38. Serendipity – आकस्मिक भाग्य (Aaksmik Bhagya)
  39. Elusive – पर्याप्त नहीं होनेवाला (Paryaapt Nahin Honevala)
  40. Resplendent – चमकदार (Chamakdaar)
  41. Incessant – अनवरत (Anavrat)
  42. Exquisite – उत्कृष्ट (Utkrisht)
  43. Prerequisite – आवश्यकता (Aavashyakata)
  44. Ubiquitous – सर्वव्यापक (Sarvavyaapak)
  45. Perseverance – संघर्षशीलता (Sangharshshilata)
  46. Enigmatic – रहस्यमय (Rahasyamay)
  47. Resilience – पुनर्निर्माणशीलता (Punarnirmaanshilata)
  48. Inevitable – अपरिहार्य (Apariharya)
  49. Benevolent – दयालु (Dayalu)
  50. Impeccable – दोषरहित (Dosharahit)

50 words with meaning and sentence | Part - 1

1. Abundance: The lush forest was a testament to the abundance of wildlife in the area.

2. Consequence: The consequence of his actions led to unexpected outcomes.

3. Endeavor: She embarked on a new artistic endeavor, painting vibrant landscapes.

4. Perseverance: Through years of hard work and perseverance, she achieved her dreams.

5. Resilience: Despite facing numerous setbacks, his resilience kept him going.

6. Tenacity: Her tenacity in pursuing her goals inspired everyone around her.

7. Eloquent: The speaker delivered an eloquent speech that moved the audience to tears.

8. Conscientious: He was a conscientious student, always diligent in his studies.

9. Prerequisite: Completing the basic training was a prerequisite for joining the advanced course.

10. Diligence: His diligence in research made him an expert in his field.

11. Resilient: The economy proved to be resilient, bouncing back from the recession.

12. Integrity: She was known for her unwavering integrity in all her dealings.

13. Adversity: In the face of adversity, their friendship grew stronger.

14. Fortitude: It took great fortitude to overcome the challenges of mountain climbing.

15. Punctuality: Her punctuality at work was admired by her colleagues.

16. Benevolent: The benevolent millionaire donated a substantial sum to the charity.

17. Composure: Even in stressful situations, he maintained his composure.

18. Empathy: Her empathy allowed her to understand and support others in their struggles.

19. Versatile: The versatile actor could play a wide range of roles convincingly.

20. Persistence: Her persistence paid off when she finally achieved her fitness goals.

21. Procrastination: His procrastination often led to missed opportunities.

22. Empowerment: The program aimed to empower underprivileged communities.

23. Authentic: The antique store sold authentic, centuries-old artifacts.

24. Resurgence: There was a resurgence of interest in traditional craftsmanship.

25. Accountability: The company emphasized accountability among its employees.

50 words with meaning and sentence | Part - 2

26. Pragmatic: In difficult situations, a pragmatic approach often yielded the best results.

27. Compassion: His compassion for animals led him to volunteer at the animal shelter.

28. Diverse: The school had a diverse student body from all over the world.

29. Adaptable: Being adaptable allowed her to thrive in any work environment.

30. Innovation: The company’s culture encouraged innovation and creativity.

31. Ambiguous: The ambiguous statement left everyone puzzled.

32. Inevitable: Change is often an inevitable part of life.

33. Meticulous: The artist was meticulous in every detail of her paintings.

34. Euphoria: Winning the championship filled the team with euphoria and joy.

35. Adulation: The actor received adulation from his fans at the premiere.

36. Rejuvenate: A weekend getaway was just what they needed to rejuvenate.

37. Prudent: She made a prudent decision to save money for the future.

38. Serendipity: Their meeting was a serendipitous moment in their lives.

39. Elusive: The elusive butterfly fluttered just out of reach.

40. Resplendent: The bride looked resplendent in her beautiful wedding gown.

41. Incessant: The incessant rain caused flooding in many areas.

42. Exquisite: The restaurant served exquisite dishes that delighted the diners.

43. Prerequisite: Meeting the prerequisites was necessary to enroll in the course.

44. Ubiquitous: Smartphones have become ubiquitous in modern society.

45. Perseverance: With perseverance, he completed the marathon despite the pain.

46. Enigmatic: Her enigmatic smile left everyone curious about her thoughts.

47. Resilience: The community’s resilience helped them recover from the disaster.

48. Inevitable: Change is an inevitable part of life; we must adapt.

49. Benevolent: The benevolent organization donated food to the needy.

50. Impeccable: Her impeccable manners made her a favorite among guests.

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50 Word meaning English to Hindi | Image Chart

50 Word meaning English to Hindi
50 Word meaning
50 words with meaning and sentence
50 words with meaning and sentence

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